Monday, 25 May 2009

End of Year Exhibition Model

Just finished my exhibition model for my end of year module. This was only a short module so there wasnt supposed to be a huge demanding outcome. My project was based on Brunel Laboratories, a building on campus that has been left behind in this digital age. I shot the whole 4 week project on large format and ended up shooting 28 5x4 negs. A lot of work i say. Anyway, here are some terrible mobile phone images of the model.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Ooh the bore of processing 5x4 negs.. Each one is processed individually which takes aaages but thankfully, i have this trusty little automated agitator which is brilliant. Work in sketchbook, facebook and the excitement of fresh 5x4 negs! love it!

New Project - Brunel Labs

I have just started a new project for my final first year module. I am basing it around the Brunel Labs - one of the universities 'non-acedemic' buildings that houses workshops and labs used by the school of engineering and technology. Its a very interesting building and is often overlooked. What i find interesting is whats behind its closed doors to an outsider. I was granted permission and started my photographic dissection of the building today. Im doing the project entirely on large format 5x4" film as i rather liked it before.. Await more images, this is only the beginning! Image shot on Ilford Delta 100 Film