Saturday, 19 September 2009


I recently did a little bit of work for The Greenaway Pro event put on by Matt Smith and friends in aid of our Legend up there Tom Greenaway who sadly passed away while I was with him in London in November 2007. Here are some shots from a new collaboration of frothing musicians who go by the name of STRAYS. Some ex-haven members and the surf photog guru, Mickey Smith - who's blog can be found HERE. Enjoy

Its Blog Time.

Hi everyone, to those of you that read/take any interest in this blog you will notice that I haven't done this for a while. Well, now I'm back in Plymouth and ready to start my second year. This time it's for serious. Everything we do now counts towards our final degree and even though I may not sound for real/bothered I am actually going to try really hard this year. Not that I didn't last year but this is it. Welcome back blog and personal photographic practice. OK, let's go.